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Tuition is due monthly through autopay. Class prices are based on 1 class a week; 4 weeks in a month. If there is a 5th week; it is considered a free-be. If there are closures during a 5th week; there are no make-up classes permitted for the 5th week. We offer discounts for multiple classes a week.

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month; a late fee is applied n the 5th.

Drop Notice must be given in writing/email 15 days for recreational classes/ 30 days for team; before dropping from the class to avoid incurring the next months charges. Sent to: [email protected]

​Autopay is required when you sign up.

Make up Class policy: All Makeup must be scheduled through the office. No gymnast will be permitted in class without prior arrangement. All makeups  must  be checked-in with the office upon arrival. A makeup request must be utilized within 2 weeks of the absence and during  the same month. If you know when you will be out; you can request a makeup class ahead of time.

Requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability of date and time. If the requests are not met within the time limit; the missed class will be considered forfeited and will not be reimbursed.

Annual registration is 25.00,

Sibling discounted registration is $15.00

Trial Class: Try out a one time Trial class for $10.00

Private Lessons:  Private lesson:  In order to schedule a private lesson your child must be currently enrolled in a class. Please speak with the front office for special circumstances.